Painting your home is exciting, but choosing the right colours, products, and applicator while ensuring safety and right outcome can be a huge task. That's where we come in with our aim to make home painting a safe and great experience! With Asian Paints Berger  Safe Painting Services, be rest assured from all your painting worries.

Start your consultation with Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Services and let us guide you through all the questions and queries you may have.

Why choose us?

A hassle-free end-to-end service

Trained Professional

Supervised Painting

Use of mechanized tools

Completion of the site on time

No compromise on quality

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With us, you will get to experience hassle free journey as we provide end to end service from colour combination ideas to final execution to post painting cleaning.

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Painting your home with professionals is a whole different and clean job. Our workers are well trained in their field of work. Each workers are trained and experienced on what they do.

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We care about you and your dream projects. The assigned supervisors will assure right products and right application procedure are followed to achieve highest standard possible and timely completion of the job.

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We use laser based digital distance meters for accurate measurement to know the paint requirements and budget calculations. For quality output, sanding is done through electric sanders. To maintain cleanliness, dust extraction is carried out by vacuum cleaners.

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We value your time and we are committed to complete the job in time. Every logistics and painting procedures are closely monitored by the assigned supervisors keeping a checklist.

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We assure you the best services with quality guaranteed as all our product range is ISO certified. Supervisors monitors every painting procedures so to achieve highest standard finishes.

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There is no place like home - a place filled with warmth and beauty. With Safe Painting Service, we give you the experience to create the life-long grandeur you have always wished for. Look for our dedicated team of Safe Painting Service in your city.

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How It Works?

1. Fill the form online

1. Fill the form online

Our customer service executive will ask for a suitable time for site evaluation.

2. Product & site consultation

2. Product & site consultation

Our Asian Paints Safe Painting Service Associate will get in touch with you. The associate will assist with all your queries, and provide a product and site consultation.

3. Select a shade

3. Select a shade

Our experts will help you finalise a shade from the range of curated yet safe colours for your walls.

4. Day 1 of work

4. Day 1 of work

Once the colours have been selected, we cover the floor and necessary furniture with plastic. We also disinfect the site before beginning of the painting job and the final handover.

5. Site execution

5. Site execution

According to the outline, we follow our well-established framework to follow high quality and on-time delivery of the perfect painting job.

6. Site handover

6. Site handover

Once the site is neat and ready, we provide a post-painting clean-up and home disinfection service which is followed by a walkthrough of tips and tricks to take care of the walls.

What is Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service?

We, at Asian Paints Berger, are here to facilitate a professional experience and to that end, have partnered with service providers and painting professionals in major cities of UAE. The Safe Painting Service connects you with a service provider or painting professional who will help deliver safe and complete waterproofed home, using genuine and quality Asian Paints Berger products. The service also allows for a free consultation with our representative to assist in the selection of paint & Waterproofing products, shades, textures, etc. 

We provide free consultation & site inspection, as the site inspection stage is extremely important which is done professionally by technical expert of Asian Paints Berger.

How can one register for Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service?

You may contact us at: 
Phone – 80027237437, anytime between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, Monday to Saturday,
Email – 
fill up the form on this page.

How will Safe Painting Service go about painting your home?

As part of this service, our representative will contact you to understand your painting needs. The associate will visit your premises and do the site evaluation. Based on the site evaluation and your painting requirements, the associate will provide the service provider’s quotation for painting your premises. All the painting processes are carried out in a correct way with our professionals Paint contractors. The Supervisor will also be available to assist the site at regular intervals, or, on a need basis to do quality checks and supervise the painting work.

Why are the payment terms so strict?

All payment terms are to be discussed between the customer and the service provider. All payments are to be made as per the stated milestones mentioned in the payment terms of the quotation. Commencement of painting work is subject to realization of payments as stated in the quotation, and the site is made available free from all hindrances, for carrying out the said painting work, until completion. Timelines for completion of the painting work are indicative and subject to the customer handing over the site fit to start work. The service provider reserves the right to stop the work if the amount is not paid as per the terms and/or to exit the site till such time as dues are cleared by the customer.

Who will paint my house?

Service provider has experienced contractors and painters, who are trained by us with respect to our product range. The painters are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in textures and specialty paint finishes.

After the painting work is over, will Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service be clean up my house?

Yes, we do the post-painting clean-up for your home and leave your home clean, and beautifully painted.

What are the tools used during painting and how will they benefit me?

As part of the service, we use mechanized tools to ensure a superior finish. We conduct scientific site evaluation through moisture meters and take accurate measurements through laser-based digital distance meters. Covering and masking of furniture are done through masking films. Superior sanding is done through electric sanders and dust extraction is carried out by vacuum cleaners. We also use the Sprayer machine to get a uniform paint finish, in a short time. All this ensures that home painting is a hassle-free process.

What are the features of Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service?

- Hassel free end to end service

- Get expert guidance for product and shade selection

- Complete supervision during the execution of the site

- No compromise on Quality 

- Ontime completion by using mechanized tools

- Asian Paints Berger product warranty

What are the benefits of Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service?

- Peace of mind as we ensure complete safety for you and your family

- A complete hassle-free experience

- Visualize how your home will look like with your selected colours via our consultation

- Access to some of the industry’s best products.

- Expert painters who provide a superior finish

What are the safety protocols that Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service executives follow on the site?

- Use of mask

-  No handshake, only Namaste

- Always carry sanitizer/soap/tissue paper

- Checking the temperature of the team

- Maintain 3 feet of social distancing 

- Follow washroom hygiene

- Daily cleaning of high-frequency touch surfaces

- Usage of Arogya Setu app is compulsory

- A complete site disinfection to be carried out once work is completed

- Data to be preferably shared and maintained in soft copy to reduce the use of paper

Will Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service assist me in shifting and covering furniture before painting starts?

We cover the floor, furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, etc., with masking sheets, before we start painting to prevent any damage during the repainting/Painting process.

Why hire a professional wall painter?

Local wall painters are unreliable, expensive, and not well-trained. On the other hand, our professional painters get proper training on everything that makes up for good painting service. When you choose us, you not only get experienced professionals but also get accurate wall painting rates with quality assurance.

What are the house painting rates?

We present three different offerings- Classic, Water Proofing, and Platinum. Our experts will conduct free on-site inspection and provide guidance on paint and waterproofing solutions. Additionally, we provide expert color consultancy to ensure a smooth and accurate selection of shades. We assure you accurate rates with quality assurance.

Why do people hire professional painters?

People value good work and therefore want to hire professionals, who will deliver more than what is expected. Our professionals give you the accurate house painting rates in your area/city, work in a timely and organized manner, assisting you as needed while also ensuring right application procedure at site.

Which painting service is best for home?

Local wall painters are infamous for being unreliable, overcharging, and lacking in training and competence. Our professional painters, on the other hand, go through extensive training in all aspects of providing a high-quality painting service. With us, you will also be having appropriate/accurate desired wall painting costs along with the best painting services. 

How do I estimate the cost of painting a room?

Some of the factors that influence the cost of painting a room would be the size of the room, choice of products the drying time and the texture of the walls of the room.

How much does it cost paint a house?

Based on the materials, consultation, area and more, the house painting costs will differ from each other. As we all know, considering only service and its perks is realistically not possible; the price must come into play for making the end decision. Our suggestion before signing anything is to get estimates from as many painting services in your area. Comparing all information at once will give you clarity to close in on a particular service that is ideal for your home and beneficial for the pocket.

What are the painting services Asian Paints Berger Safe Painting Service offers?

It is very important to identify what type of home painting services you need for your house as it’ll make it easier for you to pick a service and accommodate your budget accordingly. Our home painters are trained to help you with this process and choose the right type of painting service for your walls. Let’s take a look at a few types of painting services that we offer. 

It is very important to identify what type of home painting services you need for your house as it’ll make it easier for you to pick a service and accommodate your budget accordingly. Our home painters are trained to help you with this process and choose the right type of painting service for your walls. Let’s take a look at a few types of painting services that we offer. 

1. Interior & Exterior painting

Our interior wall painting services lift the look of your space and amplify the beauty and personality of your home. Our exterior painting services elevate your space and give that right touch of modernity to your home. 

2. Texture Painting

Does textured painting catch your interest? Worry not; our professional painting services can help you add a modern twist to your space with top-notch textured styles. Our textured wall painting lifts the look of your space and amplifies the beauty and personality of your home.

3. Waterproofing

Our state-of-the-art waterproofing techniques are the most effective way to keep your home moist-free for years to come and offer long-lasting waterproofing solutions at the best rates. 

4. Wood Painting

Whether it’s giving a complete makeover to your old furniture or just refreshing the look, our wood finishing solutions are just as good as our wall painting services.

5. Other Wall Painting Services

Our wallpapers, stencils, and textures are designed by one of the most celebrated Indian designers and are sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your house.

Why choose Safe Painting Service by Asian Paints Berger?
  1. Our professionals are not only experts in their field of work, but also get specialized training to make them the best professionals’ painters.

  2. Our professionals painters are trustworthy & patient which makes them the right selection for your house. 

  3. Our safe painting service painters will offer you consultation services and help you select the right colours for your home. 

  4. You get your money’s worth when you choose our painters, because not only will they give you quality service but also make sure your house gets done on time.  

Are there more than one type of painting process?

It is very important to identify what type of service you need for your house as it’ll make it easier for you to pick a home colour painting service and accommodate your budget accordingly. Our painters for home are trained to help you with this process and choose the right type of house painting service for your walls. Let’s take a look at a few types of Safe Painting services that we offer. 

1. Fresh painting

For newly constructed homes and rooms with rough surfaces, fresh home painting is the correct approach. Walls that are scratchy, scratched, or damaged are good for fixing cracks, ensure no surface undulation and delivering long-term protection for painting the home. 

2. Repainting 
When you're upgrading on a budget, repainting your home is a terrific method that would save money. Our Safe painting service painters can recommend a colour for your walls that will efficiently disguise the current paint while also giving it a unique perspective!