EHS Policy


Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy of Asian Paints Ltd.

Asian Paints is committed to ensuring safety and protecting the health of its employees, service providers, visitors, neighboring communities, customers and assets.

Scope and applicability of the Policy:

This Health and Safety Policy is applicable to all the operating sites of Asian Paints, its subsidiaries, and joint ventures (where Asian Paints has Management Control). The operating sites include Plants, Research & Technology facilities, Offices, Distribution operations, Sales depots, Retail Sales & Services and Project Sales. This policy is applicable at work, travel between home and work of employees, business related travel including stay and all Company organized business events.

Objectives of the Company Management shall be to:

1. Comply with all applicable health and safety statutory regulations. 

2. Move towards Zero Injuries, Zero Occupational illnesses and Zero incidents of Property Damage 

3. Comply with the applicable Safety Manual to achieve its safety, health and wellbeing objectives. 

4. Adopt and implement best practice standards of risk management to prevent and mitigate consequences arising out of major accident hazards

The Company Management shall: 

1. Ensure compliance with all applicable health and safety legislations and relevant standards.

2. Integrate safety, health and wellbeing into all business processes.

3. Ensure that all activities across the value chain are conducted as per the defined health and safety procedures, including 

a. selection and evaluation of suppliers, contractors and other service providers, 

b. research leading to the development of new products and services 

c. design, engineering, construction and commissioning of new projects, 

d. adopting principles of inherently safe design,

e. operating and maintaining plants and other facilities in accordance with the designated safety criteria throughout their working life

f. distribution of products 

g. technical service at customer sites and other consumer interfaces

4. Educate customers on the safe use of products.

5. Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health of employees and service providers

6. Ensure that adequate resources, support and supervision are provided to employees and service providers to carry out their job safely and to continually upgrade health and safety standards.

7. Conduct risk assessments, safety audits and safety inspections at a prescribed frequency and take all remedial measures to eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks, arising out of operations. Risk registers are continuously reviewed and upgraded on a regular prescribed frequency.

8. Implement Behavior-Based Safety Program in order to inculcate safety as a personal value 

9. Maintain a comprehensive On-Site Emergency Plan and related facilities to handle emergencies. 

10. Assess the competence of individuals in the area of safety during recruitment and career advancement. 

11. Define roles and responsibilities of employees in the safety organization of the plant/facility/operations. 

12. Keep employees and service providers informed, educated, trained and retrained on safety, health and wellbeing to ensure the safe conduct of their jobs. 

13. Establish mechanisms for consultation with employees and their representatives, contractors, suppliers, customers, local communities, neighbors and regulators to promote safety and build a safe work culture. 

14. Establish mechanisms for the participation of employees and service provider’s representatives wherever applicable.

15. Ensure that each employee including contractors and visitors comply with all safety rules and regulations framed for the operation. 

16. Extend all possible help to industries /depots/offices around Asian Paints Operations in case of emergencies. 

17. Provide a resume of health and safety performance in the Company annual report. 

The Company shall ensure the effectiveness of this policy through:

1. Setting goals and objectives on safety, health and wellbeing and reviewing these periodically to ensure that these are being met.

2. Analysis of health and safety incidents, identification of root causes and implementation of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). 

3. Appropriate action, in case of a violation by an employee, as per rules and procedures framed for the purpose. 

4. Review of this policy annually or on significant changes in the business. 

5. Periodic review of the safety, health and wellbeing standards for their continued appropriateness and effectiveness.

Amit Syngle

Managing Director & CEO

14th January, 2022