Customer Policy


Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is applicable to Retail Customers only. This program is not for the project contractors, 0EM or for the institutional customers.
  2. This 2X program is effective for all purchases made by customer between 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Jan 2021 from Asian Paints Berger Authorized dealer, and for the justified complaints registered on or before 31st March 2021.
  3. Under the program, 100% replacement of defective material will be done along with a reimbursement of defective material value as per bill.
  4. This is applicable only for the justified complaints related to paint quality, and not for the other complaints - including packing or packaging related complaints.
  5. After receipt of complaint- a site visit will be made by Asian Paints Berger team to understand the complaint in detail. The complaint will be analysed by the Asian Paints Berger to consider it justified or Non-Justified. This scheme will not be applicable if root cause of the complaint is found to be other than product quality. Any complaint arising due to factors like Surface Condition, Application abuse, Customer Perception and Dealer abuse etc, will be considered to be non-genuine. The company's decision on identifying the complaint as genuine or non-genuine will be final, and will be bound to the customer.
  6. Customer will be eligible for compensation after a minimum purchase of 25 Ltr (Kg) or 50 USD of paint in a single invoice, whichever is lower value.
  7. The maximum limit of monetary re-imbursement under this scheme is 1000 USD (or equivalent) for a particular customer for the specific site/Painting location.
  8. For application / post application related complaints, customer will be eligible for compensation only if he follows the recommended method of application as mentioned in Product Data Sheet (PDS) or Directions for use (DFU).
  9. To avail compensation under this scheme- the entire coating system (Primer, Putty, Undercoat, Topcoat or as mentioned in the product data sheets shall be Asian Paints Berger product only. Use of other manufacturer's products in combination with Asian Paints Berger product on complaint area will disqualify from the scheme.
  10. Shade variation complaints during application / post application period caused due to any abuse/error/ malpractice done at dealer end, such as tinting from competition machine, incorrect tinting formulation, incorrect tinters etc will not be part of this scheme.
  11. The scheme does not cover labor charges / other expenses / consequential damages- directly or indirectly
  12. caused by the product complaints for any old or new painting. Products purchased or applied beyond their expiry date, shall not be considered for this scheme.
  13. Products purchased under any other heavy discount, FOC or special price scheme will be kept out of the purview of 2X program, however Asian Paints Berger is committed to resolve any justified product complaint suitably.
  14. Any complaint once compensated under this scheme, if arises again will not be compensated with 2X value, however such complaints will be resolved suitably by Asian Paints Berger.
  15. Settling a compensation will involve the verification of various documents. The completion of settlement may take a time of up to 2 weeks.
  16. Proof of Invoice is to be made available with the customer to initiate the process of claim. The invoice shall clearly mention the following without any modifications -
    1. Name of Customer
    2. Date of purchase
    3. Dealer Name & Address
    4. Product name, shade details and quantity
  17. The total value of refund (including the cost of material) shall not exceed the Bill value for that product/ products.
  18. The scheme compensation will be done only to the customer whose name appears on the bill via online transfer/ Cheque.
  19. Customer need to submit Govt recognized Identity Proof and Bank account details to Asian Paints Berger dealer for processing the refund.