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Popular Questions
There is no dealer near my house. Whom can I contact?

Asian Paints Berger is available at number of dealer outlets in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Please check the dealer locator or call us at + 971 4 3391000 (UAE), + 968 24 596709 (Oman), +973 17 123700 (Bahrain) and + 974 44693489 (Qatar) to find the dealer nearest to you.

What products can I get from asian paints Berger?

Asian Paints Berger offers a range of premium and value-for-money interior paints, decorative interior paints, exterior wall paints, metal finishes, floor finishes, and wood finishes. Details of all these products are available in this website.

How do I view the product data sheets of your finishes?

The Product Data Sheet of each finish is available along with the information for each product. Go to the appropriate product pages to download these.

How can I see what standards asian paints Berger conforms to?

We are committed to creating the best and safest products. Berger finishes conform to standards of leading certifications such as MPI, ASTM, USEPA and LEED. Apart from these, all Berger Plants are certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications.

Why is the shade created by the dealer and not in the factory?

Our colour tinting technology allows us to create a vast variety of shades. These shades are made by mixing direct or basic shades in differing proportions. For tinting these shades, the authorized dealer opens the paint can and tints it before giving it to you. To assure quality, our dealers are instructed to show you the sealed tins before they open it and use it for tinting.

Why are darker shades more expensive?

Dark shades are more expensive because they are created by adding more pigments (mostly organic) to the base colour to get the required shade. More pigments result in a greater cost.

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