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Royale Smart Clean

is a premium interior emulsion with a smooth silk finish. It has been designed specifically for easy stain removal and keeps your walls looking beautiful everyday. It is recommended for areas that are most prone to stains such as kitchens, corridors, dining rooms & kids' rooms.

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LUMINO-TECHTM Water Beading Crack Bridging
Finishes -Smooth

Surface preparation Clean the surface thoroughly. Make sure it is dry and free of all dust, contaminants and fungal growth. Remove any laitance (accumulation of particles on fresh concrete) by wire brush or sweep blast. Prep the surface by applying 1 coat of AR Primer / PVA Primer / As recommended.

Application procedure Top Coat: Apply two coats of the chosen shade of Royale Smart Clean with adequate time between coats. Take care to avoid runs and sags.

Tools you will need

Airless Spray

Available Packs

Berger Royale
1 Ltr

Berger Royale
3.6 Ltr

Berger Royale
18 Ltr

2 Coats


On well-prepared surfaces, as per the painting system recommended. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for surface preparation and method of application.

** Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness, and porosity.


  • Best-in-class
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

    Royale Smart Clean created with Lumino-Tech gives your walls the brightest colours, total opacity and a beautiful, smooth finish.

  • Water Beading

    The hydrophobic formula of Royale Smart Clean forces water to bead. Water does not wet, penetrate or spot the painted surface, making walls smooth, durable and easy to clean.

  • Crack Bridging

    Royale Smart Clean has the exceptional ability to stretch which ensures hairline crack remain covered and your walls remain beatiful for years to come.

  • Superior Washability

    Royale Smart Clean is highly washable keeping your painted walls pristine for longer and reducing the number of re-paints required.

  • Environment-Friendly

    Royale Smart Clean is an environment-friendly water-based emulsion which has low VOC and is family safe.


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