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Royale Play Metallic Glaze

An array of low VOC and lead-free designer finishes that celebrates abstract design, stripes, swirls, and squares, with a metallic sheen.

Give your walls a taste of bling with this range of ten abstract designer finishes. Available in a high-sheen Metallic Glaze finish, these multi-faceted looks are completely different from each other. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, these textures encompass an array of influences. Some play up striking contrasts, some highlight rich textures, while some run amok with shapes. All, however, offer you one thing - an opportunity for you to show off your sense of style.


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Colour Wash




With its minute details, the Weaving effect gives your walls the freshness of linen fabrics.
With mysterious folds and bends, the Dapple effect is as versatile as you want it to be.
Bring home the mystery of the sea with a Sponging effect that mimics the coastline.
Get artistic and give your walls brush strokes of deep hues with the Brushing effect.
Known for its artistic blend of colours, this finish turns your walls into a canvas to play with.
Made with tissue paper, this effect mimics a rustic wall and gives it a never-seen-before texture.
Colour Wash creates an atmosphere of drama with hazy lines that look like wisps of smoke.
A faux-finish that feels like fabric, Ragging gives your walls a delicate, hand-made look.
Have fun with the Combing effect that mimics the fluid sheen of silk with vertical stripes.
With an earthy palette, the Spatula effect creates a rustic feel and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Surface preparation Clean the surface and prep it with one coat of Berger AR Primer and two coats of Berger Stucco.

Application procedure Base Coat: Apply two coats of Royale Premium Silk Emulsion in the recommended shade.
Top Coat: Wet the wall with a flat sponge for absorption and easy application. Thin the paint with water. Apply Royale Play Metallic Glaze in manageable sections using the recommended tools.

Tips Stand back and look at the wall regularly to make sure it is uniform.

Tools you will need

Crinkle Paper
Dapple Paper
Ragging Roller
Color Wash Sponge
Special Effect Brush

Available Packs

Berger Royale Play Metallic Glaze Designer Finish Interior Wall Paint
1 Ltr

1 Coat
7.0 m2/Ltr**


On well-prepared surfaces, as per the painting system recommended. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for surface preparation and method of application.

** Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness, and porosity.


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  • Low

Available Shades

  • Deep TealM7454
  • Ink BlueM7246
  • Olive PathM7622
  • WedgewoodM0U42
  • Plum BerryM7198
  • Period PurpleM9558
  • CardinalM8206
  • Old BrickM8613
  • Amazon TrailM7655
  • Poplar GroveM7584
  • AsparagusM7805
  • Green SaladM7726
  • Open RangeM7853
  • Red EarthM8029
  • PomegranateM8143
  • May FairM8078
  • Sea KelpM7854
  • Italian OliveM7823
  • Sunset OrangeM9398
  • Young WineM8086
  • Shocking PinkM8126
  • Light OchreM7926
  • String Of BeadsM7998
  • Wild PinkM8087
  • Rosy CoralM8031
  • Cheeky YellowM7902
  • SilverM002
  • Silver OakM302
Deep Teal
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How to apply Royale Play Metallic Glaze

18 Jun, 2015

An expert applicator demonstrates the correct methods needed to create these abstract wall finishes.

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