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Touchwood Acrylic PU Top Coat Pigmented (Int/Ext)

An interior and exterior wood coat, pigmented with an understated palette that can withstand desert conditions.

Give your wooden finishes a creative makeover, with this range of pigmented wood coats. Touchwood Acrylic PU Top Coat Pigmented enhances the inherent character of your wood grain through its palette of understated wooden hues, while offering best-in-class protection. It comprises a two-pack wood coat, based on acrylic resin isocyanite. Formulated especially for the burning sun and brutal winds of the desert, it keeps your wood looking pristine, minus yellowing, staining and weathering.


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Low VOCNon-yellowingExcellent flow and levelling properties
Finishes -Pigmented

Surface preparation Sand the surface thoroughly with emery paper. Wipe clean with a dry rag and remove all traces of sanded wood. Wipe with PU Thinner. Apply two coats of Touchwood Sanding Sealer and sand with emery paper if needed.

Application procedure Mix the base and hardener thoroughly, using full quantities of both. Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes and apply two coats. Stir the contents thoroughly before and during use, with a broad flat stirrer. Use conventional spray of tip size 1.4 mm with pressure of 40 – 50 bar. Use a brush or roller only if the area is not suitable for spraying.

Tips Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly. Do not keep the thinned mixture without using.

Tools you will need

Conventional Spray

Available Packs

TouchWood Acrylic PU Top Coat Pigmented Wood Paint
3.6 Ltr

TouchWood Acrylic PU Top Coat Pigmented Wood Paint
18.9 Ltr

1 Coat
13.0 m2/Ltr**


On well-prepared surfaces, as per the painting system recommended. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for surface preparation and method of application.

** Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness, and porosity.


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