The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Marsala to bright orange, here are the colours that are transforming walls in 2015.

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Find shades for every mood from over 1,800 original hues.

Royale Play Safari

A designer finish that’s inspired by the exotic continent of Africa and its colours.

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Colour Spectra

Choose from over 1,800 original hues and see what they look like on your walls right away.

The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Marsala to a bright orange, here are the hottest (and coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2015. Desert inspired décor celebrates the force of nature that has shaped our landscape and our lifestyle. Desert colours, textures and patterns are distinctive – they are untamed and m…

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Matchmaking with Colour

Want the perfect shade to match your favourite accent wall? Here are some tips to help you out.

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A colour on your wavelength

Did you know that colours could whisper or shout? It all depends on their frequency.

Why we love some colours

Watch how memory and culture influence our colour choices - and also, did you know what the most popular colour is?

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