Research and Technology

The Asian Paints Berger approach to work and innovation.

  • Researching Excellence

    Our range of exterior and interior products, coatings and systems use the latest technology incubated in our labs.

    Our R & T has four main pillars of focus :

    • 1Product

      Our team of researchers and technicians work to constantly improve the performance of our products on a variety of parameters - to make them more durable, more adhesive, more washable, more resistant to weathering and corrosion.

    • 2Aesthetics

      Our approach to aesthetics is two-fold. We strive to create the best and most extensive colour profile and matchless finishes. We also study fashion, trends and colour forecasts in order to tweak our product range.

    • 3Environment

      Asian Paints Berger is committed to reviewing and re-engineering formulations and manufacturing processes continuously, in order to address environmental concerns.

    • 4Compliance

      Our products are formulated and extensively tested to better the standards laid down by regulating bodies such as ASTM and EXOVA UK.

  • Creating Quality

    • Our range of interior products has the lowest VOCs in their class.
    • Our exterior products are specially formulated with exceptional anti-corrosiveness, anti-carbonation, weather resistance and high thermo plasticity, making them ideal for the challenging Middle Eastern conditions.
    • Our products are non-toxic. They are free from heavy metals, lead and formaldehyde.
    • Our R & T has resulted in a range of highly washable products with excellent stain cleansing properties.
  • Facilities for Change

    We have dedicated R & T laboratories for different functions. These include laboratories for paint development and testing for architectural and industrial applications, microbiology laboratories, modern instrumentation laboratory, resin and functional polymer development laboratory. The highlights of the Dubai unit are a Quality Assessment Lab, Development Lab, daylight cabinet for colour matching and Scrub Resistance Tester.

  • A Team of Bright Minds

    Our state-of-the-art equipment is matched by the spark of human inspiration that has led to innovations and breakthroughs. We welcome the best talent and give our folks an atmosphere of enquiry and openness to thrive in. Regular innovation sessions are held to generate ideas which are then vetted for feasibility and actioned.

    Our scientists provide product development support for short-term business goals. They also work on long-term projects with an emphasis on developing improved chemistry platforms that make for better product functionality.

  • Committed to the Future

    To create excellence, we have invested substantially in R & T resources and infrastructure. In the years ahead, it will continue to hold the key to our performance.


Our Vision of Innovation

Asian Paints Berger’s vision is to be a world-class Research & Technology led organisation. Driven by innovation, Asian Paints Berger is agile and responsive to changing customer and market needs, as well as evolving technology. Through R & T, we will align ourselves with future customer needs and drive expansion. Continuous R & T will enable us to grow bigger in size and better in quality.

The values that guide us on our journey are:

  • Innovation

  • Agility

  • Customer Focus

  • Integration

  • People
  • Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy

    • We shall perform our work activities in a safe manner while aiming for zero incidents.
    • We shall evaluate every new work activity for its hazards and it will be subjected to occupational risk assessment and risk levels will be identified.
    • Our laboratories shall provide the infrastructure and environment conducive to development work that needs to be carried out in a safe manner, free of health risks.
    • We will provide arrangements that are adequate for employees' welfare at work.
    • We understand the importance of the health and safety of each and every employee, including contract employees and visitors, and we shall treat it as the most important priority, implementing measures to ensure zero injury incidents.
    • We shall ensure the applicable legal and statutory requirements from external agencies and other requirements are studied, understood and communicated to employees for implementation and compliance.
    • We shall review and implement work practices that will accomplish continuous improvements in occupational health and safety.
    • We shall ensure that every employee of the technology team will be trained to comprehend the safety policy and OH&S obligations. We will also keep ourselves updated on any changes to Occupational Health and Safety procedures, requirements etc.
    • We shall constitute and implement the appropriate communication system to contract workmen, and visitors to the extent that it is necessary for them to understand and comply with the safety requirements.
    • We shall review our policy and continually improve it to achieve our goal of a safe and healthy workplace.


Our 250 years of experience allows us to help you in decorating your home. Our innovations in paint technology and our range of décor products with best-in-class features will give you an edge. We reach out to customers in over 65 countries with exciting new colour and design concepts such as Colour World, Colour Next and Kids’ & Teens’ World. Here’s a look at some of the recent key milestones on our journey towards bringing you better products.

  • 2014-15

    • Weathercoat Ultra is launched. This is a premium exterior finish that offers exceptional weather resistance and a 10-year performance assurance with features like anti-carbonation, crack-bridging, fade resistance, and temperature guard.
    • Tuff Shyne, a high sheen variant of our high-performing Tuff Exterior Finish reinforced with nanotechnology, is launched to offer a glamorous new look to homeowners.
    • The highly popular and best-in-class Royale Premium Interior Emulsion is enhanced with unmatched benefits like highest washability, lowest VOC, and antimicrobial properties. These paints are reinforced with Luminotech, a technology that offers the brightest colours, highest opacity and smoothest finish
    • A new offering is created for a few key markets - Select Eggshell Matt, which offers excellent colour profile, smoothest eggshell finish along with superior washability and antimicrobial features.
    • The Supreme range of products is launched especially to deal with large project needs. The range is backed by quality certifications.


    • The Royale Play range of décor finishes is extended to include new, on-trend designer finishes such as the desert-themed Sahara, the Africa-inspired Safari, the fabric-inspired Textile, and Metallic Glaze
    • A best-in-class eggshell finish, Select Eggshell Silk, is launched in key markets for discerning customers
    • Asian Paints Berger innovates and launches the path-breaking enamel finish, Select ALL In One, which can be used for multiple applications such as industrial, automotive and residential – and on multiple surfaces such as metal, concrete, and wood.
    • A high-gloss metallic top coat, Tuff Metallics is launched in a variety of metallic shades. Tuff Metallics is formulated to be an exterior highlighter, to be used especially for architectural features such as pillars, trims, and domes.
    • Wall Fashion, a range of trendy stencil-based wall art is launched in a variety of interesting patterns and themes
    • Kids' and Teens' World, a range of stencil-based décor looks with fluorescent paints, is launched.


    • Tuff Matt, a revolutionary exterior product that leverages nanotechnology to provide a 4-year performance, is launched.
    • Royale Play is launched to offer the décor-conscious a range of beautiful textured finishes perfect for feature walls. Variants include Royale Play Glaze with a range of special effect looks, Glitter that comes in shimmery metallic shades, and Italian Stucco, that pays homage to the stone finishes of Italy.


    • A range of affordable products – Emulsions, Stucco, etc. - is formulated with top-of-the-line features and launched under Asian Paints Berger's Value Brand
    • Weathercoat Flex Tex exterior range in Ultra, Medium, and Fine variants is launched. These products come with unmatched elastomeric features and superior crack-bridging qualities.
    • Asian Paints Berger has been consistently awarded the ISO 9001 for its Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management Systems across all its GCC units.
    • Asian Paints Berger was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the Government of Dubai in recognition of its invaluable support during the Dubai Municipality Environmental Forum.
    • Awarded the Environmental Performance Certificate by UAE's Ministry of Environment and Water
    • Asian Paints Berger was conferred the Green Industry Award in recognition of its exemplary environmental achievements.
    • Honoured with the Green Innovation Award special commendation at the Oman Green Awards
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