Trending Now: Desert Inspired Décor Themes

The desert has shaped the world outside our doors - why not bring that same majestic beauty indoors?
Desert inspired décor celebrates the force of nature that has shaped our landscape and our lifestyle. Desert colours, textures and patterns are distinctive – they are untamed and majestic.
Here are some thoughts on how you could incorporate the mystique of the desert into your home décor.

The desert palette

The easiest way to bring the desert alive in your home is to play with its colours. Colours inspired by burnished sands, starry skies and golden sunshine, orange, yellow, rust, sienna, tan, olive and other earth tones invoke the desert. Use them on your walls, for your floors or in your furnishings to capture the essence of the Rub Al Khali.

Desert textures and shapes

Think desert and you immediately think sand – its fine grains and the ripples caused by wind on its surface. Other desert textures include the spiny cactus, leathery camel hide, the fabric of Bedouin tents and so on. Textures can capture and reflect the light in the home, creating shadows and shapes found in the desert. Use leather and natural textured fabrics in your décor. Weathered wood will work well too. Special effects paints like the Sahara range from Asian Paints Berger can help you create that desert feeling, highlighting one feature wall from which the rest of your décor can flow.

Desert features

The desert also invokes vast, open spaces. Create that same feeling of vastness inside, by minimising clutter. Incorporate a few natural desert elements like rocks and terrariums (succulent plants in glass containers). Try creating your own oasis by installing a small pool lined with rocks and potted palms in a sunlit corner of your home.

Traditional desert décor with a twist

Traditional décor in the region includes fine carpets, floor seating, extensive drapes, metal objects d’art. You can give this signature look a modern spin, with ease. Want to recreate the traditional floor seating in a new avatar? Try a low sofa set with cushions. Want to capture the glitz and glam of traditional metal craftsmanship? Try a metallic finish on the wall. Want the feeling of a luxuriant carpet but in a more minimalist way? Place a shahtoosh on your sofa.

Limitless inspiration

There are no rules – get creative. Check out mood boards on Pinterest or browse through décor websites for ideas. Take a look at the colours and textures available in our Sahara range for inspiration. Try our Colour Visualiser app to see how these desert inspired finishes would look in your space.
Have any innovative ideas about how would you bring the desert alive in your décor? Share your thoughts with us as comments.
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