Décor Trends You Need to Know

Here’s a round-up of the décor looks, styles, elements, and ideas that we think you will see a lot more of in 2015.

Traditionally contemporary

In a classic décor throwback, retro and bohemian styles have made their way back. Get ready to turn to brass, tin and metal once again, whether it’s for bathroom fixtures, chandeliers or even decorative accessories. Vintage pieces with modern accents, textured fabrics for everything from rugs to carpets, and marble tables in geometric shapes are just a few ways this décor revival will happen in 2015.
New-age detailing will add a modern edge to classic craft features, giving your home a personality of its own. Don’t worry about having to reinvent the wheel – a fusion of traditional treasures and newer contemporary buys will make your home décor multi-faceted.

Textured living

Whether on your walls, upholstery, or lampshades – the decision to go textured will put your home in the spotlight. Get creative with bold prints or maybe even bring the wild outdoors into your home with designer finishes and effects like Rain Storm, Ocean Wave, Sleet and Frost among others. Edgy walls, fabric matted frames, leather shag rugs, velvet armchairs – no matter how you to choose to play it up with texture, make sure you strike a good balance and don’t go overboard.

Naturally classic

Organic materials and rustic patterns are big this year. Salvaged wood, stone and metal will be popular, while leather upholstery has captured designers’ imaginations across the globe. Whether it’s oversized interior landscaping (try floor-to-ceiling plants), moss walls or simply an elegant table lamp crafted from a solid piece of exotic wood, reconnecting with nature can breathe new life into your home.

Keep it low-key

Understated décor is the way to go this year. Matte finishes and surfaces will replace the shimmer of high gloss and crystal surfaces. Luxury finishes are about to get a more classic makeover whether it’s for furniture, lighting, accessories or fixtures. Reduce the shine, and give your home a look that is soft, natural and effortlessly classic.
While these are the year’s trends the world over, remember that when it comes to your home, you are the real trend-setter. So don’t be shy to interpret these trends in your own way. That’s what will truly make you feel at home.
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