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  • Berger Select Enamel Semi Gloss Finish Paint for Metal

Select High Gloss Enamel

A multipurpose finish that protects metal, wood or masonry surfaces, even under challenging weather conditions.

Select Enamel displays its true mettle in challenging conditions, by maintaining its beautiful, glossy sheen. Hard-wearing and durable, it casts its sheen and protection on metal, wood, and masonry surfaces. The secret to its unfading brilliance lies in its formula - it is fortified with titanium dioxide and other colour fast pigments. Select High Gloss Enamel is easy to work with – it offers excellent flow, film build-up and hiding.


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Longest-lasting glossExcellent hidingExcellent durability
Finishes -High Gloss

Surface preparation Prepare different surfaces in the following manner:
Steel: Remove rust by sand blasting. Apply one coat of Luxaprime 1400.
Wood: Clean, sand and treat with Wood Primer.
Masonry: Clean thoroughly and apply Primer Sealer.

Application procedure Steel: After priming the metal, apply two coats of Select Enamel, with adequate time between coats.
Wood: Apply two coats of Stucco followed by Select Enamel.
Masonry: Apply two coats of Stucco (only for interiors) and two coats of Select Enamel.

Tools you will need

Airless Spray

Available Packs

1 Ltr

3.5 Ltr

18.9 Ltr

1 Coat
11.00 m2/Ltr**


On well-prepared surfaces, as per the painting system recommended. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for surface preparation and method of application.

** Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness, and porosity.


  • Best-in-class
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Available Shades

  • Peacock Blue-N161
  • Ivory315
  • Nut Brown-N419
  • High Summer635
  • Fawn202
  • Chassis Red355
  • Raw Silk184
  • Tango401
  • Orange400
  • Ruby535
Peacock Blue-N
Complementary Colours
  • 9212 Dew Drop Day
  • 9244 Tear Drop
  • 7436 Oceans Whisper
  • 9260 Glint Of Green
  • 7516 Fresh Mint
  • 9276 Mystical Green
  • 7660 Winter Nip
  • 7956 Honey Dew
  • 8316 First Frost
  • 9211 Spring Time
  • 9243 Scenic Blue
  • 7435 Mint Blue
  • 9259 Alluring Sky
  • 7515 Green Icicle
  • 9275 Oasis
  • 7659 Flowing Green
  • 7955 Cream Silk
  • 740 Rhinestone
  • 9210 Soft Blue
  • 9242 Virgin Blue
  • 1319 Rhine Blue
  • 9258 Ripple Effect
  • 7514 Marine Green
  • 9274 Mint Away
  • 7658 Misty Spring
  • 7954 Dreamsicle
  • 8314 Winter Sky
  • 9209 Water Jet
  • 9241 Whisper
  • 122 Pigeon Blue-N
  • 9257 Tanned Green Skin
  • 7513 Translucent Green
  • 9273 Peace Park
  • 7657 Iced Cucumber
  • 7953 Fairy Glitter
  • 8313 Raw Steel
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