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Royale Play Wall Fashion

A range of stencil-based designer wall accents that recreate the exciting patterns of life.

This range offers you a series of wall stencils that add new dimensions to your interior décor. Through these accents, we pay tribute to the myriad patterns of life. Carefully chosen, these accents are both, whimsical and graphical - butterflies will frolic on your walls, lanterns will light up your room, flowers will blossom in your living room. Whether geometric, fanciful, or culturally symbolic, they are sure to make a lasting impression.


Farashah (Butterfly)

Sarkhas (Fern)

Zahrah (Rose)

Horof (Lipi)

Notah (Raga)

Qandel (Dia)

Tabeer (Mudra)

Naqosh (Zari)

Tobe (Brick)

Nawafez (Windows)

Otur (Frames)

Qamar (Moon)

Dhilal (Shadows)

Halaqat (Circles)

Your imagination will take flight as you transform your special space into a land of dreams.
Add a tropical touch to your walls, with ferns that will sway to a gentle breeze.
With this design on your walls, a bouquet of blossoming rosebuds will wrap you in their beauty.
Pay your tribute to the emotive power of words and language, with this decorative geometric script.
Your walls will burst into song with these motifs inspired by musical notations.
Invoke a mood of celebration and praise with eathern lamps and their everlasting flames.
A tribute to the performing arts, these artistic shapes will dance on your walls in graceful synchrony.
This timeless floral paisley is inspired by henna designs and richly embroidered brocade.
Celebrate perfection and precision with these geometric shapes, repeated in harmonious symmetry.
Behind closed windows lies a world of joy, a home where you're cocooned in the privacy of your own thoughts.
Sometimes, it is worthwhile to look beyond the picture, at its artistic borders - the frame that contains all its beauty.
This design pays tribute to the heavenly body, as a myriad moons spin above your head to create celestial magic.
This geometric design plays with light and shade, tricking the eye with mutable shapes.
Like the eternal perfection of the circle, this design creates an infinite loop of endless fascination.

Surface preparation Clean the surface thoroughly and prep it with one coat of Berger Alkali Resistant Primer and two coats of Berger Stucco.

Application procedure Background: Use two coats of Royale Matt or Silk Emulsion in the chosen shade.
Accents: Use only genuine Wall Fashion stencils from Berger Paints. Using a grid, mark out the design area. Stick the stencil to the wall with masking tape. Make sure it lies absolutely flat against the wall. With a two-inch roller, paint over the stencil in one direction only. Do not dilute the emulsion as this will ruin the finish. Remove the stencil before the paint dries. Carefully fill in gaps and corners with a paint brush if needed.

Tools you will need

9" Roller

Volume Solids

25% +/- 2%


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