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Royale Play Textile

A range of low VOC, lead-free, fabric-inspired designer finishes worthy of the best fashion catwalks in the world.

Dress up your walls in the textures of rich fabrics, with the Textile range of designer finishes from Asian Paints Berger. Just like any couture collection, this range gives you a tempting choice of luxe looks – be it the light touch of Kora Grass, the earthy appeal of Jute, the swirling tangles of Yarn, the tough manliness of Leather, the iconic trendiness of Denim or the timeless luxury of Crushed Silk.


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Low VOCHeavy-metals-freeEasy-to-clean
Finishes -Designer Finish




Crushed Silk

Kora Grass



Give your room a youthful energy with Denim, a texture for modern times.
Perfect to make an offbeat style statement, this Jute texture is classy and rare.
Regal, modern and ultra-chic, the texture of Crushed Silk makes a grand statement.
Turn your living room or patio into a zone of calm with Kora Grass.
Create intricate weaves out of unnassuming threads and mesmerise your guests with the Yarn effect.
Luxurious and plush, Leather is a striking way to add instant gravitas to your room.

Surface preparation Clean the surface and prep it with one coat of AR Primer followed by two coats of Stucco.

Application procedure Base Coat: Two coats of Royale Silk Emulsion
Top Coat: Wet the wall with a flat sponge to ensure surface absorption and easy application. Apply a top coat in manageable sections using the recommended tools.

Tips Since these effects are hand-painted, each wall is unique. Observe the wall at regular intervals so that the result is artistic.

Tools you will need

Combing - Special Effect Comb
Yarn Tool
Kora Grass tool
Denim Brush
Special Effect Brush

Available Packs

Berger Royale Play Textile Designer Finish Interior Wall Paint
1 Ltr

1 Coat
7.0 m2/Ltr**


On well-prepared surfaces, as per the painting system recommended. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for surface preparation and method of application.

** Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness, and porosity.


  • Best-in-class
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


Available Shades

  • Pale SisalL155
  • Shady Purple9119
  • Escapade7141
  • Monsoon Sky9157
  • Caspian Sea7294
  • Mystic Dream7293
  • Piece Of Sky7304
  • Stormy Sky9181
  • Young Boy Blue7330
  • Twilight Zone7325
  • Water Jet9209
  • Mughal Blue7359
  • Hidden Springs7358
  • Azure Sky7407
  • Peacock Blue-N161
  • Aqua Shower7456
  • Valley Green7511
  • Emerald Valley7542
  • Meadow Path7541
  • Sea Spray9315
  • Lime Life9311
  • Shade Leaf9317
  • Scenic View7686
  • Water Cress9342
  • Lime Accent7727
  • Pearly Green9368
  • Retro Avocado7791
  • Green Lawns7845
  • Whipped Cream7883
  • Ski Valley7911
  • Burnished Sun7919
  • Thar Desert7917
  • Yellow Iris7937
  • Hacienda Clay7936
  • Yellow Charm7935
  • Earthen Mix7933
  • Turmeric7941
  • Orange Appeal7949
  • Autumn Pumpkin7991
  • Deep Spice7997
  • May Fair8078
  • Geranium509
  • Essence8099
  • Climbing Rose8096
  • Pure Red8093
  • In Vogue8105
  • Bottled Grape8102
  • Electric Pink8142
  • Passion Fruit8141
  • Pink Silk9413
  • Royal Satin8165
  • Black Grape9446
  • Plum Cake8200
  • Winter Moon8258
  • Raven Song8253
  • Blazing Blue9471
  • Whispering Smoke8308
  • Grey Matter8304
  • Coal Mine8301
  • Diamond Blade8329
  • Midnight Oil8333
  • Virgin Mountain8396
  • Rucksack Green8392
  • Hillside Green8390
  • Nickel Grey6126
  • Stoic Grey8430
  • River Silt8440
  • Burnt Metal8437
  • Light Echo9515
  • Moss Land8469
  • Caramel Custard8534
  • Peanut Butter8559
  • Indian Spice8568
  • Memories8580
  • Straw Mat8575
  • Lazy Brown8591
  • Country Beige8600
  • Nut Brown-N419
  • Truffle Surprise8605
  • Face Pack9534
  • Moody Maroon4181
  • Caffeine8653
  • Spice Jar8671
  • Red Wood9549
  • Weathered Oak8741
  • Dried Spices8749
  • Roasted Beans8765
  • Rock Crystal8775
  • Vintage Walnut8773
  • Mid Buff3176
  • Orange VisionX110
  • Sahara SunsetX115
  • Raisin DelightX127
  • Raspberry CrushX130
  • Burnt VioletX134

How to apply Royale Play Textile

18 Jun, 2015

Watch our master applicator recreate the weaves and textures of fabrics on walls.

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