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Royale Play Kids' and Teens' World

A range of low VOC, heavy-metals-free wall accents that transport kids and teens into a fantasy world.

Your children dream of a world full of adventure, excitement and fantasy. Now, let that world come alive, with playful wall and ceiling accents. Together with your little one, you’ll find yourself journeying back to your own childhood. Discover a range of themes, perfect for young soldiers, cowboys, princesses, naturalists, athletes or explorers – just about anybody your child wants to be. And as night falls, these reflective designs glow in the dark.


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Low VOCHeavy-metals-freeLow odour
Finishes -Matt


Talking Birds

Bird Time Stories

Deep Sea Fantasy


Light House

My Fishing Trip

Rock On

Rock Climber


Desert Safari

Battle in the Sky


Fun at Circus

Traffic Jam

Choo Choo Train

Princess of Pop

Fairy Dust

Outer Space

Space Zapper

Magic Mermaid

Drift off to sleep in the quiet hush of the night and perhaps you'll hear a chirping lullaby.
Travelling the vast skies, these winged magicians carry tales of lands unseen and worlds unexplored.
Plunge deep into the mysterious ocean and frolic with some amazing sea creatures.
Go back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, towering over our lush green planet. Welcome them into your world of make-believe.
When the night is inky and pirate ships loom, a bright and trusty beacon of light brings sailors home.
Transform your space into a fisherman's paradise and live the thrill of hooking your first catch.
Let your passion for rock take centre stage with this edgy design that screams unconventional.
If the spirit of adventure courses through your veins, now your walls can reflect just that.
Horses gallop, sheriffs hold sway, and you call the shots in this exciting tribute to the wild, wild west.
The endless desert sands hide lost civilizations that are just waiting to be discovered by you.
Your kids' exceptional skills will conquer all as you pit your fighter jet against enemy squadrons.
Let the walls reflect the all-star life, as your kid leads the charge, game after game.
If you're fascinated by glitter and sparkle, daring stunts and acrobatics, then swing for this look.
Toot toot! Revv your engines, honk your horns, and send your imagination into overdrive.
A hardy little engine pulls a coach full of dreams across a magic railroad. You’re on the right track with the look.
Will you be the next pop diva, topping the charts and setting trends? This design is nothing short of glamour with the attitude of stardom.
A sprinkling of fairy dust is all it takes to transform your little den into a world of magic and fantasy. Bring home endless magic with Fairy Dust.
Go where no man has gone before - spinning past galaxies and distant stars, with a look that is out of this world.
Turn your kids' boring ceiling into a battlefield of alien invaders. Then sit back and watch them take charge of the action.
Immerse yourself in a world of awe and wonder, where mermaid-princesses frolic with fish and revel with seahorses.

Surface preparation Clean the surface thoroughly and prep it with one coat of Alkali Resistant Primer and two coats of Stucco.

Application procedure Background: Use two coats of Royale Premium Matt or Silk Emulsion in the chosen shade.
Accents: Use only genuine Kids’ and Teens' stencils from Paints. Using a grid, mark out the design area. Stick the stencil to the wall or ceiling with masking tape. Make sure it lies absolutely flat against the surface. Using a two-inch roller, paint over the stencil with the reflective paint, in one direction only. Remove the stencil before the paint dries. Carefully fill in gaps and corners with a paint brush if needed.

Tools you will need

9" Roller

Volume Solids

25% +/- 2%


Creating a magic space is now child's play

18 Jun, 2015

Chirping birds, chugging trains, desert adventures, screaming fighter jets, pop divas - create all this and more in this exciting range.

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