Wall Painting Ideas

Worried that your favourite shade might just make the wrong statement on your walls? We can help you decode the world of colour - right from the basics to the latest trends.

The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Marsala to a bright orange, here are the hottest (and coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2015. Desert inspired décor celebrates the force of nature that has shaped our landscape and our lifestyle. Desert colours, textures and patterns are distinctive – they are untamed and ma…

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Matchmaking with Colour

Want the perfect shade to match your favourite accent wall? Here are some tips to help you out.

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Choosing the right shade for your walls can get tricky. It's important to understand how colours interact with each other, to avoid them clashing with each other. Let's take a look at the different ways colours relate to each other using the colour wheel.

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This trend is about me time, wellness and self-care which are the modern lifestyle practices we adopt to counter our hectic and complex lives. In Or…

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As Arabia forges a new path to a more prosperous future with hues of optimism and vibrancy of ambition, bonded by the togetherness of a shared herit…

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Pride is inspired by tradition and legacy, both of the past and in the creation of the future. In Pride, concern for the environment and sustainable …

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Engineered to perfection, Newtopia is a vision of a bright, clean future.

Technology supports us through smart homes and enhances society with inno…

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In this dreamlike story we can create the perfect image; filtered and augmented to bring a magical mood to life. The transforming effects of light an…

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We at Asian Paints Berger are excited to reveal “Raw Melon 9399” as The Colour of Tomorrow 2019. With a beautiful harmony of softness and vibrancy, R…

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